1735 Post Road Fairfield, CT 06824

(203) 255- 7676

Thank you for choosing The Driving School of Fairfield, Inc. We offer classes at least six days a week:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30 to 8:30 pm; Thursday 3:15 to 5:15 pm; and Saturday, Sunday

3:00 to 5:00 pm. Additional classes are offered on many weekends as well as during the summer.

Please check the schedule board or for additional information. YOU

MUST BE ON TIME FOR CLASS. No one will be admitted once class has started. Please realize that

calling to make us aware of a student's tardiness only adds an additional disruption. When you arrive

for class, you must go directly downstairs and remain on the lower level until class is over. There is no

smoking permitted in or around the building. No outside food or beverages are allowed in the


A schedule is posted on the whiteboard in front of the classroom and online at; the dates for classes and how they repeat are listed so you can develop

your own individual schedule. It is your obligation to keep track of what topic is being taught each day.

Please do not call the school to find out what topic is being offered or repeat a topic as you will not

receive credit toward your minimum requirement of 15 and an extra charge will be incurred. There is

no minimum or maximum number of classes per week that you must attend. You must simply complete

the course within one year of your first class or registration date, whichever comes first. There will be

an extra charge for any class over 15. Currently there are 18 topics offered. Since only 15 classes are

required, a student needs only to complete their choice of 2 out of the 5 elective classes offered (green).

The class schedule is available online at, however, you will need the class

description from the schedule board at the front of the classroom in order to understand the key. We

reserve the right to remove any student from the program for inappropriate behavior as well as

designate seating at all times.

Along with the class schedule (posted at the front of the classroom and at

are the dates of the two-hour mandatory parent class. The student and at least one parent must attend

together. Pre-registration is required, and as space is limited, there will be a charge of $25 (twenty-five

dollars) for any pre-registered class not canceled at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before the class starts.

Because of the nature of the material covered in the parent class we advise you to attend it as early as

possible. Please note: on the day you are attending the parent class, you are not allowed to attend

the earlier class offered that same day.

Before every class that you attend, you must sign your name on the attendance sheet clipboard located

in the classroom. Print or write your name legibly under the appropriate date and next to it put the

number of classes (including this class) that you have attended. Next, take your card out of the file

located under the first letter of your last name and place it in the tray next to it. This is how you receive

credit for class hours. A school employee will record the day and topic covered on a daily basis. The

back of your card should reflect every class you have attended up to the current one. All electronic

devices must be turned off before class. Consider it as good practice for when you receive your license,

because as you know, mobile electronic devices are not allowed to be operated by the driver under the

age of 18. Any student caught texting during class will not receive credit for that class, and have to

repeat it at their own expense. No recording devices of any type are allowed.

For your convenience, you may take the Connecticut Driver's License Exam right here at our office

in Fairfield. The Driving School of Fairfield will process your paperwork and arrange for DMV

inspectors/agents to administer your driver's license test in one of our vehicles. The on-site exam dates

are posted on the whiteboard in front of the classroom and Please ask for a

list of requirements for a license exam reservation. Checks will not be accepted after the deadline and a

late fee will be imposed if everything is not submitted on time.

DMV instructs us to schedule license exams at 8:00 am or noon. Be sure to let us know when you

submit your documents if you need to arrive late or finish early. On your exam day, please arrange to

get dropped off at our office with your pen, permit, and eyewear if required. Test length varies so call

for a ride before your road test. It . is your responsibility to have had your permit for at least 120 days,

completed 15 classes, and your road hours Revised: 2012 before the license exam. Students who will

have had their permit for 150 days or more on test day may be eligible to take their license exam before

completion of the teenage course. In addition. the Alcohol, Drug, and Safe Driving Practices course,

including the parent class, must be completed prior to test day. We strongly recommend that you not

schedule your classroom or road hours just prior to your exam date (keep in mind illness, bad weather,

etc). We will not be responsible if you are unable to fulfill your classroom or road hour obligations for

any reason. The Driving School of Fairlield's closings will be in accordance with the Fairfield school

districts. There is an additional charge for the Fairfield on-site driver's license exam, and once an

appointment is made it cannot be changed. If you, for any reason. cannot take the'exam on the day you

registered for. you will forfeit your fees. So please, plan this date carefully.

You are responsible for reading and understanding the entire manual before your permit exam (this

should have been completed in preparation for your permit exam). Remember to bring a pen and

notebook along with you to each class. If you ever have any questions. please don't hesitate to ask.

Other materials are also available for your use.

You must pass the road hour's exam and pay any balance due before you schedule road hours. You may

take this exam during any class except Parking, Reference Points, or the Parent class. This exam should

be taken as soon as possible so you can take your road hours before you finish your classes. Your

permit must be carried with you at any time you are behind the wheel. Personal checks are accepted up

to two weeks before course completion or exam date, after this all payments must be made in cash.

Twenty-four hour notice is required for cancellation of road hours, including those, which must

be missed due to a lost or misplaced permit. Fee for missed appointment is $95 per hour


Most of our students hear about the Driving School of Fairfield through a friend's recommendation. We

have found this to be the best source of advertisement, and because of this we don't need to plaster our

school's name all over our cars. If you like the Driving School of Fairfield please tell your unlicensed

friends about it. If there is anything that you don't like about the school, fell us and we will try to

change it to make class more enjoyable. Also if there is ever a topic you wish to discuss in class tell us

before class starts. If we can't work it into that class, we will discuss it the next time you are here.

ATTENTION PARENTS: Out of respect for our neighbors in this building, when students are

picked up their ritics MUST park h parking spaces or on the street. No one is allowed to wait in

the handicapped spaces, fire lane or aisles when picking up students. Violation of this policy will

result in expulsion from the program. We are sorry this is necessary but other tenants complain and

we can't have this situation affecting our lease. Also, you are not allowed to use our parking lot for

parking practice. Of course, students may drive themselves to/from class but per the building

management no one is allowed to practice parking in this lot.

No refunds. Returned check fee $55.

I have read, understand and have been given a copy of this agreement. .I give permission for my

son/daughter to receive driver instruction and training.

Signature of Student________________________________________ Date_________________

Signature of Parent ________________________________________ Date_________________

Name of Student (print)_____________________________________